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FIrst Single off of the "dirty Language" album By "Down 2 Dirt" (Mercy & Ted-D)


Way deep into the night

II: Lullabies and dreams
Are much colder than they seem
so keep that flame burning long
way deep into the night :II

Verse 1

Scared of the bogey man creepin in dark
carrying folklore believed from the start
Guess that means we bleed from the same heart
Read but it ain't smart unless
we can take reigns to depart

A farce that goes much deeper than tarot cards
carcinogens and living it large carving it in -
Destructible consequence when we get too
comfortable lullabied to sleep

now I'm liable to pump through live with a rumble
putting flame to the flammable fire that
ffwapp pop burn up to the highest point of the concrete jungle
come back down like a comet to crumble the commoner tongue

Leave it sung for all those waking life
Lost gone payed the price now their
Touch can burn on



Verse 2

On evenings just like this
pass by beauty you just might miss
buried like hidden treasure in the abyss
iceberg effect retaining from subconscious

you walking through uncharted territory in the pages
terrorize the charts with these phrases
my dreamscape I had to embrace it
sound convoluted yeah dude
just peel away at the layers

Y'all can save it for later
I'm just paving my way now
wished a saviour would cater
but I'll carry the weight so
it's fine

folks ask me why I'm up late
I smile
Cuz what happens when most of us sleep
dreams come alive

so when the doubt overrides my confidence and
starts to eat away at my pride
I give myself time

to reminisce about the past and how we got here


Verse 3
(Polly amorous)

Living the good life constant distraction
all luxury in world no satisfaction
sweet siren song makes minds go numb
life passes by a dull steady hum

work away my days following greed
everything I think I want
Ain't nothing I need got
restless heart searching for that spark
only sleep to dream burn way through the dark

keep igniting keep me fighting
keep me up at night
see flame through forest follow flickering light

re-writing the rhythm til I find that beat
disturbing the peace and moving my feet

one day when that bubble burst
I can finally see the stars up ahead



released October 21, 2015
Written by
Polly Amorous

Produced by mercy

Cuts by DJ Ted-D



all rights reserved


Down To Dirt Vancouver, British Columbia

Mc/Producer Mercy And Dj/Producer Ted D team up for some filthy soulful westcoast canadian Hip Hop

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